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Sarnafil Roofing

Athena Roofing Services Limited can provide you with the latest Sarnafil rubber roof covering.

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Sarnafil Roofing – The Trusted Choice

The original PVC single-ply membrane roofing material, Sika Sarnafil is the trusted choice of Athena Roofing Services.

Offering a durable and affordable option for pitched and lower sloped roofs, its thermoplastic properties allow for flexibility on installation, making it ideal for using on unique shapes and modern structures in place of traditional roofing tiles. Its thermoplasticity also allows for Sarnafil to make its roofing materials in a range of colours including those made to custom specifications to fit designs on new builds or extensive refurbishments. Sarnafil also offers textured membrane options for those looking for this design feature.

Sarnafil – Advantageous and Environmentally Friendly

PVC membrane roofs have a number of advantages over traditional roofing methods. As well as being extremely strong, they have a high wind resistance and are fire resistant, making them popular and cost-effective on large-scale commercial developments and private residences alike. They are also environmentally friendly by improving insulation and reducing energy consumption. The Sika Sarnafil brand has taken this further and offers a range of environmentally-friendly options. Those interested in sustainable living can opt for green or eco-roofs which can be used to plant grass and other vegetation. Sarnafil also produces a range of PVC roofing which incorporates solar panelling and other energy-saving measures.

One of the additional benefits of using Sarnafil PVC membranes is that they come with prefabricated accessories. In combination with using bonding adhesives over traditional roofing methods, the general ease and speed of installation mean labour costs are considerably reduced. Durability means that repairs over the lifetime of the roof are also kept to a minimum, so that not only are installation costs lower than traditional types of roofing, but upkeep and maintenance are also considerably reduced. It is these benefits that have made Sarnafil the top choice for Athena Roofing Services, and now you can benefit from them too.

Sarnafil Roofs Will Last You A Lifetime

With over 50 years of experience in PVC single membrane roofing, Sarnafil roofs are certified to last for at least 35 years. Partnered with our experience in installation, this means that you will have a roof that is cost-effective to install, providing you with an energy efficient building for years to come. Contact Athena Roofing Services to discuss how using Sarnafil can fulfill your roofing requirements on your new build or if replacing your existing roof with a single ply membrane is an available option. We’ll be happy to come out to examine your property and advise on where to go from there.

Dear Mr Walsh, I would like to say thank you for the very professional manner in which this work was undertaken by you and your team.

Mr C Roberts.

Rochdale, Lancashire

Dear John, I am writing to say thank you for the work your guys carried out on my roof. From the first call to the emergency temporary repair and then returning to complete the work. I will recommend you to all my friends for roofing and gutter work. Once again, thanks

Mr Jones.

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Thank you, you did a fantastic job. We will certainly recommend Athena Roofing to our friends and family. With thanks.

Mr & Mrs Whitehouse.

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